Research Areas

- Debt, Labor, Technology

Published/Accepted Papers

Peer Financial Distress and Individual Leverage

- Review of Financial Studies (2020), 33 (7), 3348-3390

     - Best Paper Award (CAF Summer Conference 2017)  

Working Papers


Second Chance: Life without Student Debt, with Marco Di Maggio and Vincent Yao 

- Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Finance

    - Jackson Hole Finance Group Conference 2020, Napa/Sonoma Finance Conference 2020, Adam Smith Workshop in

      Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance 2020, NBER Corporate Finance Fall Meeting 2019, LBS Summer Symposium 2019,

      SFS Cavalcade 2019, New Perspectives on Consumer Behavior in Credit and Payment markets at Philadelphia Fed 2019,

      Cubist Systematic Strategies 2019, FDIC Consumer Research Symposium 2019, CAF Summer Finance Conference 2019

    - Media: Vox, Forbes, Market Watch, CNBC, Slate, NPR, Inside Higher Ed

Gig Labor: Trading Safety Nets for Steering Wheels, with Slava Fos, Naser Hamdi and Jordan Nickerson 


 - RCFS/RAPS Winter Conference 2020, WFA 2020, PNC University of Kentucky Finance Conference 2020, ITAM Finance             Conference 2020, Northeastern University Finance Conference 2020, Boulder Summer Conference 2020, Finance in the cloud 2020, FRA 2019, Labor and Finance Group 2019, HKUST Finance Summer Symposium 2019, CEPR European Conference on Household Finance 2019

     - Media: Vox



State Minimum Wage Changes and Employment: Evidence from 2 Million Hourly Wage Workers, with Radhakrishnan Gopalan, Barton Hamilton and David Sovich

- Accepted at the Journal of Labor Economics

     - Media: Fox Business, ABC, St Louis Dispatch, St Louis Business Journals, WashU Source


It's Not So Bad: Director Bankruptcy Experience and Corporate Risk Taking, with Radhakrishnan Gopalan and Todd Gormley 

- Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Financial Economics

     - Drexel Corporate Governance Conference, EFA Lisbon 2019, NFA Vancouver 2019

     - Media: Harvard Law School Bankruptcy Roundtable, Oxford Business Law Blog



Hub-and-Spoke Regulation and Bank Leverage, with Yadav Gopalan and Asaf Manela 

     - AFA 2018, FIRS 2017, FDIC/JFSR Conference 2017, Chicago Financial Institutions Conference (CFIC) 2017   

    - Media: Columbia Blue Sky Blog


In Short Supply: Efficiency Implications of Rational Attention Allocation, with Xiaoying Li and Jan Schneemeier

     - Outstanding Paper Award in Behavioral Finance (MFA 2017)

     - AFA 2021, Indiana University 2020, Washington University in St Louis 2018, Midwest Finance Association (MFA) 2017,

       Risk Management Conference-Singapore, Research in Behavioral Finance Conference

     - Media: International Financing Review - Thomson Reuters